Add a Pop of Colour to Your Life!💋

Hello my lovelies! 💖

Are you a beauty on a budget? Are you simply just looking for more lipsticks to add to your collection? Well, while you’re online, you might as well pop up another browser tab and scurry on over to! It goes without saying that Colourpop has managed to put out astounding liquid lipstick formulas in a myriad of shades at such an affordable price of under $10. Talk about a bang for one’s buck!

I must say that I am surprised that I’ve actually fallen in love with Colourpop liquid lipsticks. When I first tried it, I was utterly disappointed at how crusty it had dried down. However, here I am a year later totally on board with this brand!  They really stepped up their game!

I am really looking forward to seeing this company grow and create more awesome products; and of course seeing my own personal collection grow as well!




3 thoughts on “Add a Pop of Colour to Your Life!💋

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