Finding My Way

Hello my lovelies! 💖

When I was a little girl I admired my doctor for the many times he had saved my life. If you’ve read my blog post It Ain’t Easy Being Wheezy  you’ll know what I’m talking about. It didn’t matter if he wasn’t at the hospital/clinic because he would most definitely come to my house. It didn’t matter if he was in the middle of having supper with his family or if it was the middle of the night (which actually happened) because he knew that his duty was to keep me alive. I was always grateful for everything he had done for me and he had literally become my hero.

All of that lead up to me wanting to become a pediatrician. All throughout my early years in primary school whenever we had career day, I would dress up as a pediatrician because I wanted to help children who were going through the same thing as me. Then I realised that I would be seeing crying children all the time and even have to look at blood all day long. YIKES! Nope, that wasn’t my cup of tea so I changed my mind.

After the whole pediatrician dream plummeted, in Std.5 (7th grade) I decided I wanted to be a clinical psychologist. However, a year after that I decided I wanted to be a lawyer of some sort. When I started high school later that year I had already placed into my mind that I would be majoring in History. All throughout my high school years I said I was going to be a lawyer (still not sure what kind).

After I graduated high school I went on to sixth form and I wanted to major in History and Literature. I ended up making a bonehead mistake on my application form. So, at my high school, the study programme I was in was referred to as the “Academic Arts” and on the college application form they had a programme called the “Liberal Arts”. There I was, lost as ever so I chose Liberal Arts because, hey, that’s close enough to Academic Arts.

When my best friend and I went for advising we immediately realised what we had done. We could have changed programmes but that would mean we would be behind a whole year. Basically, we weren’t majoring in anything. We were just floating around taking courses from all the different programmes. I gotta say that pottery was pretty bomb! Haha! Anyway, we had to take psychology, sociology and a couple history courses along with a few others. I quickly re-developed an interest for psychology and I absolutely dreaded going to my history classes. Heck, I was more excited to go to philosophy than I was to go to history. At that point I was torn between studying psychology or law.

I don’t know if it’s because of Pinterest, Say Yes to the Dress or all those Hallmark movies, but somehow in the midst of all that dilemma I said I would like to become an event planner. I loved watching DIY videos on YouTube and I’d spend hours on Pinterest looking at decorations for different events. I even started planning my future engagement party, my wedding, my children’s birthday parties, even my daughter’s quince!

Sure all of that sounds fun, but I have to face reality and I know I have to choose a career path that is going to allow me to live the life I desire. At this point I know I’m not going to be a psychologist simply because it doesn’t spark anything inside me. I was thinking I could study law and do event planning just for fun. A lot of people do that, right….
Errr…. RIGHT? I’m still not sure what exactly I want to do. Eventually I’ll end up figuring it out.

One thing I know for sure and it’s what I tell everyone; I won’t spend the rest of my life doing something that makes me absolutely miserable just because it makes a lot of money. That’s just a bit of advice that I give to everyone as well. We only have one life so why would we want to live in misery and bitterness. We should wake up everyday wanting to live our lives, not wish it were different. Also, if right now you’re wishing that your life could be different then YOU need to make it happen. You are the only one in control of your life. Make the best of it!



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