Midtown Restaurant & Bar || Dining Out


Hello my lovelies!ย ๐Ÿ’–

The time came when we would be separated for a while. My best friend, Lianne, was at the point in her life where it was time for her to go off to university! It’s so exciting, I know. Unfortunately that meant that we wouldn’t physically see each other for a long long while. Nevertheless, I’m extremely happy for her and I wish her all the best on her new journey!

IMG-20180924-WA0016 (1)

The weekend before she left we thought we should get something to eat together one last time. So, she decided that she wanted us to go to Midtown Restaurant & Bar. It’s a fairly new restaurant in Belize City as it opened a little over a year ago. Within the year it’s been in business, I can see that is has gone pretty well for them and I can totally understand why.

  • Food (4/5) – Well, I can’t speak for everythingย on the menu as I have not tried them all. Honestly, anytime I go there I browse the menu and still end up getting the shrimp fettuccine al fredo. Let me tell you though, the fettuccine… BOMB!
  • Drinks (4/5) – I usually get a coke. However, when I want to change things up for my taste buds, I’d get the fresh cantaloupe juice which is delicious! Even better, it’sย  garnished with a little cherry! As for alcoholic beverages, I haven’t tried much. I’ve only ever gotten the strawberry daiquiri that I couldn’t even finish because it was so big! Which isn’t a bad thing though as it was quite tasty.
  • Dessert (3/5)ย – For dessert I got the strawberry cheesecake and it was so yummy! However, they don’t have a variety of treats on their dessert menu. It would be three at most. Maybe we just went too late and everyone had already eaten it all.
  • Seats (5/5)ย – It is a rather small restaurant compared to others in the city but it still offers quite a substantial amount of seating room.
  • Decor & Atmosphere (5/5)ย – I love the decor. It’s a perfect mixture of dainty and rustic. All the chairs and tables were white which gave a lightness to the room as the walls and floors are dark brown. Although having a dark colour, the large glass windows gave a more open feel to it. There were paintings of ships and lighthouses on the walls which were contrasted by small flowers and greenery.


Overall, it is a great place to wine & dine if you ever find yourself in Belize City. The staff is wonderful and very friendly. When I worked as a cashier at a grocery store, the owner would check out at my register all the time. Even after not working there for over a year now, every single time I go to the restaurant he remembers me. If I wasn’t in school I’d consider being a waitress for a while.

Fettuccine Al FredoIMG-20180804-WA0033Strawberry CheesecakeIMG-20180804-WA0023IMG-20180804-WA0008IMG-20180924-WA0020




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