Acrylics, Acrylics and more Acrylics

Hello my lovelies! 💖

You know what’s one of my favourite things (apart from Christmas)? Well kept nails.  I loooove the look of freshly manicured hands and feet. It feels amazing as well. I end up feeling brand new!

I don’t really get false nails done quite often as I already have long natural nails. Whenever  do get a set of acrylics/gel I always opt for coffin nails as I feel it suits my hands the best. However, the challenge I face each and every time is what colour and design I want.

Within the past year I haven’t had falsies that much. I know some people go for a fill like every two weeks and then a whole new set two weeks after that. Good for you guys! That’s sadly not my slice of cake.

I guess I have weak nails or something, but I always experience breakage whenever I try to take them off. I know some of you nail techs are like “WHAT ARE YOU DOINGGG?!”
DON’T BE ALARMED. I soak them off with acetone. I don’t just yank them off my nail plate. Even then, my nails stay brittle and end up breaking then I end up with short nails.

Don’t get me wrong though. Falsies are the bomb and they make your hands look great!
So back to my colour dilemma… If you’ve read my blog post Burgundy Soft Glam, I think you all know where I’m going with this! 😂😂

Take a look at the nails I’ve gotten

IMG-20180928-WA0009 (1)


This colour was actually picked out for me by the nail tech and boy, did I give her trouble! Firstly, I couldn’t decide if I wanted a matte or glossy finish. Next, I couldn’t decide if I wanted only the index finger to have glitters. Then I couldn’t decide if i wanted the jewels on the ring finger.  I was being so annoying but thankfully the nail tech was so lovely. Shout out to you, Vanessa, for your wonderful patience! 😂


After that, I got a new set of nails and you can tell that obviously I picked the colour this time. 🙄 Gigi with burgundy nails? How groundbreaking! Haha! All jokes aside, I really loved the way this set turned out.


My last set were these. The same colour scheme as the previous ones because… yes, I picked the colour again. 😁 You guys, come on, this one has more pink in it which makes a world of a difference.  Right?

However, this ended up happening…



No, it didn’t just lift on its own, I hit my hand into something by accident and it broke my nail. I literally felt my finger throbbing for 3 days without exaggeration. After that  I decided to give my nails a break (no pun intended 😕).

And these were what I was left with after finally being able to take off the acrylics from hell…


Moral of the story is…. treat your nails nicely. They add a wow factor to your appearance and we all love to look great, don’t we? ☺

What colour do you all like to wear on your nails?




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