Belizean Creole Proverbs

Hello my lovelies!Β πŸ’–

Last week I was helping my aunt with a home-work that my little cousin had about idioms and proverbs. They had to find any 5 idioms and a picture to go along with it. While browsing the web in search of these idioms and their pictures, I instantly thought about all our very own Belizean idioms & proverbs that I just love so much. To me they are very funny due to the verbiage and the good ol’ beginning catchphrase “Like weh grauma ustuh seh…” which means “As grandmother would say”.

I decided to share a few of my favourite ones with you all just so that if you ever decide to visit Belize, you’ll be able to have a better conversation using our lingo with local folks.

My Favourite Belizean Proverbs

  1. Yuh cuda lie suga outta bun.
    Meaning: To tell alot of lies.
  2. If dah nuh suh, dah naily suh.
    Meaning: It’s almost close to the truth.
  3. When trouble ketch yuh pickney shut fit yuh.
    Meaning: When you find yourself in trouble, you will try to get out in impossible ways.
  4. Stick bruk ina yuh ears or what?
    Meaning: Are you deaf? (Used when someone is not listening to what you’re saying)
  5. Cow no bizniz ina haas galop.
    Meaning: Mind your own business.
  6. Fun bring bun and ah mek eye wata run.
    Meaning: You’re playing too much and eventually you’ll get hurt.
  7. If ih nuh bun ih nuh dun.
    Meaning: Make sure the food is properly cooked
  8. Ih talk big, butΒ  shit small.
    Meaning: The person is all talks but no action.
  9. Yuh wah know how bauley grow.
    Meaning: Someone should be more appreciative of what they have before they lose it.
  10. Wanti wanti nuh getti and getti getti nuh wanti
    Meaning: You can’t always get what you want.

So these are 10 of my top favourite Belizean proverbs. We have tons more that would make this list go on and on, but these are the ones that I tend to use quite regularly. I hope you enjoyed them and you try to use them even if you’re not visiting Belize.

Do you guys have any favourite proverbs that you like to use?




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