My First Clone Palette: I Love It?

Hello my lovelies! ❤

I know, I know… I’ve been MIA for QUITE some time now! For that, I extend my sincerest and heartfelt apologies. However, it’s a new year and I will surely make an effort to post more regularly. I started off my new year with a bang! You’ll see all about it in a future blog post I have coming soon! 😉 How was the new year for you all? I hope all went well!

So, you more than likely read the title and wanted to see what are my thoughts about my first clone eyeshadow palette. Did I like it? Is it good? Should you get one? Well, I have a story for you all. It’s going to be a very lengthy post so get comfy and let’s begin.

My Story:

In one of my previous posts, Ruby Eyes & Bold Lips, I mentioned that I had discovered some very inexpensive but gorgeous palettes. My package was lost  so I never received them. I really really wanted them though, so I went on a wild goose hunt and stopped by every store in my city that sells make up but alas, no one had it. One store said that they would be getting some in stock by the following week. I went back and they still had nothing. I was beginning to lose hope but then I somehow ended up on this local Instagram make up store and saw that they were advertising it. I quickly messaged the lady and told her I was interested in purchasing it. We exchanged information and the very next day I made the deposit to her bank account. She said that it would reach within a week.

After I sent her a photo of the bank slip which stated I had made the deposit, the week went by and I didn’t hear anything from her. During this time I went dress shopping at a boutique and, lo and behold, THEY HAD THE PALETTE! I was kinda upset because I could have gotten the palette pretty quickly and additionally, it was a dollar less than what I purchased it for from the lady. 

Since I wasn’t updated at all about the status of my palette I thought she hadn’t ordered it yet so I sent her a DM on Instagram asking for a refund. After a week of not getting back to me at all she quickly replied stating that all orders have been placed online and since they are on their way unfortunately I can’t be refunded. I was like, whatever, it’s understandable so I told her it was fine and I’d wait another week. (She said it would take another week to reach because something happened to her shipment.) 

A WHOLE OTHER WEEK WENT BY… and still… nothing. No DMs, no update, NIENTE! Now, I’m the type of person who tries to avoid confrontation so I said maybe the shipping company she used was having difficulties. (Trying to stay positive.) This is the reason why I don’t really like ordering stuff.. because I have to wait and I hate waiting and also, I want to avoid situations like this at all costs. For the most part I’d totally rather spending $30 on something at the store while knowing I can get it online for $10. At least if I readily buy it at the store I can physically examine the product myself to see any kind of faults it might have and I get to take it home with me right then and there. No waiting needed. 

Anyway, back to the point. My boyfriend orders stuff online A LOT so he knows these kinds of things can happen from time to time. Sometimes it’s due to unfavourable circumstances or the worst case scenario: you got scammed. We were both leaning towards the latter. We both decided to message the lady and she finally got back to me TWO days later. She said that her shipment arrived and my palette would be shipped out and delivered to me by Friday around the afternoon. (This was a Monday I think.) Friday came around and I waited all day for my palette and I received nothing. I messaged her once again and asked her what happened. She said she had it delivered so it should already be ready to pick up at the shipping company’s office. I looked at my phone screen and could feel myself flare up. In my head I was like well, you could have at least notified me that you sent it out. I mean, at this point it seems to me that there’s always an excuse of why my palette hasn’t reached yet so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was delayed yet again.

By this time the office where I had to retrieve my palette from was already closed and they don’t work on weekends. Early Monday morning I went directly to the office because I planned on having that palette in my possession by the end of that very day. I was tired of waiting and I honestly wanted to be done with that woman. Well, I went to the office and had to pay $6 shipping for my $45 palette (which was $44 at the boutique I mentioned earlier.)

Here’s where things started to fall apart once more. From the moment I saw the envelope containing the palette, something looked off. The size of it was way too small. I quickly paid the fee and literally sprinted to the car. I tore open the envelope and when I laid my eyes on the palette sitting on my lap I was filled with WHITE HOT FURY! The lady sold me a CLONE palette! That was the last straw for me. I sent her a very long DM stating my displeasure and without even thinking, I reported her page and blocked her. I kinda regretted it afterwards because I would have liked to have a little back and forth with her, honestly. 

What was so upsetting about the entire situation is that at NO point did she mention to me that it was a clone palette. Also, she charged me the same price (even a dollar more) as what the ORIGINAL palette costs. Plus I had to pay $6 shipping fee which made it even more expensive! To add more flames to this fire is the fact that I am completely against clone products. The reason for this is going to be discussed in my next post so stay tuned for that.

You’re probably wondering what palette this was. Well *drum roll* it’s the Olivia palette by Beauty Creations:

Beauty Creations Olivia PaletteBeauty Creations Olivia Palette

*These are photos of the fake one I received

Beauty Creations Olivia Palette

*This is a photo of the original Beauty Creations Olivia palette.

I ended up not even demanding a refund because I knew she wasn’t going to give me one. I got stuck with this overpriced clone palette.

My Thoughts:

I really dislike this palette because of the story behind it. It’s not only that little aspect that makes me not like it though. The palette itself is very disappointing. The matte shades from the clone Olivia palette are the worst. They smell really funny (like very cheap children’s make up), they don’t blend well, the pigmentation is off and they are overall just not flattering to use. However, I do enjoy using the shimmers; especially the bright yellow gold in the last row. That’s actually the shade that caught my attention in the first place from the ORIGINAL Beauty Creations Olivia palette. The shimmers and the ridiculous price I paid are honestly the only reasons why I haven’t thrown this clone palette into the sea. Moreover, the poor sea creatures certainly don’t deserve such maltreatment.

Do I love it? No!
Would I recommend? NO!

So you guys, it is with great pain in my heart that I say this, but I ended up purchasing my first clone palette. I’m a bit disappointed in myself for staying with this poison in a box. You all are probably wondering why I’m so against clone products. Well, that’s a whole other post that I already have in the works. Remember to follow so you don’t miss it. It’s going to be very informative. ❤

I hope my experience can be helpful to at least one of you lovely people out there. We all work so hard for our money and it’s not fair for someone to do something like this to ANYONE! Ever since that day, I remember to always ask sellers if their product is the original before purchasing it.

How do you guys feel about clone products?

Also, what would you all have done if you were in this situation? Would you make sure you got refunded? Haha! Please let me know your thoughts! I look forward to reading them.






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