Make Up Dupe vs Clone: The Difference

Hello My Lovelies! ❤

In my previous post, My First Clone Palette: I Love It?, I told the story about how I basically got scammed and accidentally bought a clone Beauty Creations Olivia palette. I was super annoyed and disappointed firstly because I waited so long for it and secondly, anyone who knows me knows that I am totally against personally using clone products.

I know, I know… make up can be quite expensive and it is exceptionally expensive here where I live. This is why I usually save my money if I feel like I MUST have THAT specific product from THAT specific brand. There are certain times when it’s not so much the brand that I’m crazy for, but more so the shade range from the palette. Like I said, make up is quite pricey in my country so I feel a bit stingy about shelling out that much money. In this case, I surf the internet in a search of dupes. Not CLONES but DUPES! There is a difference.

What is the difference between and dupe and a clone you might ask.

Well firstly, a dupe is a product that is similar to the original product it is being compared to. For example there is the higher end Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick in the shade “Dolce K” which some people might not want or can’t get for whatever reasons. A good DUPE for this would be Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid lipstick in the shade “Chi”. Colourpop is their own brand and they advertise their own product under its own name. It just so happens that this lipstick shade is similar to that of Kylie Cosmetics. A dupe doesn’t necessarily have to be cheaper than the initial one in question. Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick in the shade “Bow n Arrow” is also a dupe for “Dolce K”, but it is still a high end product.

Here is a visual example of what a dupe is:

Beauty Creations Tease Me

This is the Beauty Creations Tease Me palette. I don’t know about you all, but when I look at this palette I can see dupes for two high end palettes. Can you guess what they are? The Rose Gold and Nude palette by Huda Beauty! However, this palette is just a fraction of the cost of one of those palettes and the brand is also cruelty free!

As you can see here, there are similarities between the three palettes but they are not 100% the same. A look that is similar to the Huda Beauty palettes can be achieved by using the Tease Me palette.

Now, a clone is an exact replica of said product in question. It was created by an anonymous brand and marketed under the name of the original brand. Almost everything is the same about this clone product except the quality. It is made with cheaper and sometimes even dangerous ingredients.

Here is a visual example of what a clone is:

As you can clearly see from the photos above, it is (almost) the exact same thing! A few of the shades are totally different.


As you can see, the palette is marketed under the brand Beauty Creations and the palette is also entitled Olivia. However, here’s an original Beauty Creations palette (want to find out which one it is? blog post coming soon ❤ ) compared to the size of the clone Olivia. The original Beauty Creations palette is the size of the Morphe 35O2. The size difference is quite large. Also, the logo and lable isn’t even centred. This wasn’t a very spot on clone due to all its flaws, but nevertheless, a clone is a clone!

An anonymous company in China is currently profiting off of these clone palettes, this brand’s name and their hard work.

My opinion on dupe vs clone:

For me, I personally have nothing against dupes. I mean, these companies need to produce things that the public will want and they will buy so that they can make profit. The best way is the follow the trends of the period. If berry or red colours are the “thing” at the moment, every brand will try to put out their version of a red lipstick or a berry toned eyeshadow palette. No brand OWNS a specific colour. Some of us do not want to or simply cannot spend our money on high end products so it’s good to have cheaper alternatives. That way we can still feel trendy while not breaking the bank. Bills need to be paid and food needs to be bought.

However, direct clones are what I 100% do not agree with and I do not support. This is because these clone products are made in, what us Belizeans would call, “back of the alley” places. Meaning, the factory could be infested with rats and roaches running all over the equipment/ingredients and we wouldn’t know. There have actually been testing of these clone make up to see what’s in them and they resulted in having dangerous ingredients such as: mercury, arsenic, lead, kerosene and even faeces! That is outrageous! We apply these things directly onto our skin and wear them for long hours! Could you possibly imagine what that can do to your skin?!

People also need to realise that these products don’t just happen on their own. People put time and effort into carefully creating these things for the public.
For someone else to just come in and profit off of your idea, I find that totally wrong. It’s like if you worked so hard on a project using the best equipment and materials, then someone else creates a poorly made replica of it but they end up getting a better grade. That would be really unfair and I know that NONE of us would be happy about it.

So you all, please be careful when purchasing make up. It’s better to have a few original items than a whole room filled with clones. It’s for our own safety.

What are your thoughts on dupe and clone make up?



If you are interested in purchasing one of these palettes, please do so directly from the website:

Shop Beauty Creations Olivia Palette
Shop Beauty Creations Tease Me Palette

*I am not affiliated with this brand whatsoever, I just really love their products and if you want to try them, I would like for you to try an original instead of a clone.












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