Hello my lovelies! 💖

If you are currently reading this, that means you stumbled upon my blog one way or the other and decided to give it a browse! I just want to start off by giving you all a big & warm welcome!

My blog is called Gigi’s Not-So-Secret Journal, however, my name is actually Giovanna. I’m from Belize and due to our Belizean accent, no one ever pronounces my name correctly. Also… it’s kind of a lengthy name compared to something like “Jenna” so I can see why people feel compelled to nickname me. Gigi was born when I was in 3rd form (third year of high school) when one of my classmates called me simply “G” but then it quickly became “Gigi” and it just stuck. I liked the way it sounded and it rolled off the tongue better than Giovanna.

It is also significant to me because in 3rd form I underwent A LOT of personal changes. Gigi was this new and improved version of myself who I was finally proud of! I experienced a handful of trials of which I am grateful for as they made me the strong girl I am today. My eyes were opened and my mind was broadened.

I feel that this blog is a great way for me to express my thoughts, share my passions and connect with other people. I’ve always loved writing. I have a collection of original stories that I started to write but never finished because my mind was always flooded with all different ideas. I couldn’t possibly stick to just one story so I ended up getting flustered because I can’t duplicate myself and work on multiple books at once. I’m also a person who is very secure about myself so I don’t shy away from speaking my mind when I need to, be it for myself or even for other people. Some people are very shy and often would really love for someone to be a voice for them.

Hopefully through this medium I can be able to reach out to as many people and give them a bit of motivation and inspiration when they need it and also to remind them that everything will turn out fine! 💖

I want to extend a heartfelt Thank You to everyone for taking the time out to peruse my blog and all its nooks and crannies!

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