My Favourite Telenovela

Hello my lovelies! ❤ If you have read my previous blog post, Belizean Creole Proverbs, then you obviously know that I am Belizean. However, my mom was actually born and raised in  El Salvador then later moved here to Belize. Thanks to her for mostly talking to me in Spanish, I become pretty fluent in the … Continue reading My Favourite Telenovela


Belizean Creole Proverbs

Hello my lovelies! 💖 Last week I was helping my aunt with a home-work that my little cousin had about idioms and proverbs. They had to find any 5 idioms and a picture to go along with it. While browsing the web in search of these idioms and their pictures, I instantly thought about all our … Continue reading Belizean Creole Proverbs