Freeman® Charcoal & Black Sugar Mask

Hello my lovelies! 💖 We're all constantly scouring high and low for that magical concoction bottled up in face mask packaging. It's no secret that a good facial mask can do wonders for your skin! I personally have extremely oily skin and I can't stand it! Everyone always tell me that I should be grateful for … Continue reading Freeman® Charcoal & Black Sugar Mask


Acrylics, Acrylics and more Acrylics

Hello my lovelies! 💖 You know what's one of my favourite things (apart from Christmas)? Well kept nails.  I loooove the look of freshly manicured hands and feet. It feels amazing as well. I end up feeling brand new! I don't really get false nails done quite often as I already have long natural nails. Whenever  … Continue reading Acrylics, Acrylics and more Acrylics