Mustard Stripes & Copper Eyes

Hello my lovelies!Β πŸ’– Just as the weather was getting cooler, rain started to pour and the sun shone less, Mother Nature was like "only joking" and out came Mr.Sun. I've been wanting to put together this look since the beginning of October. However, I've been busy in the morning and I also wake up pretty … Continue reading Mustard Stripes & Copper Eyes


Burgundy Soft Glam

Hello my lovelies!Β πŸ’– Burgundy is by far one of my favourite colours to wear. It's one of those colours that will always compliment my skin tone no matter how tanned or untanned I am. A burgundy lipstick makes my 12 year old looking face quickly transform into the 18 year old that I actually am, … Continue reading Burgundy Soft Glam